Stop & Go

I am the founder and curator of the Stop & Go screening program that features a broad range of emerging work by both established filmmakers and visual artists.

Peephole Cinema

I curate short cinematic programs for the Peephole Cinema in San Francisco. The shows can be viewed through a dime sized peephole located on Orange Alley in the Mission District.

Curatorial Archive

Doppler Extended Play: A Program of Time-Based Art, New Jersey Center for Visual Art, Summit, NJ (2014)
Pupf-Phew! Co-curator David Kwan. Exploratorium,  San Francisco CA, Healdsburg Center for the Arts, CA and Scheier Gallery, Cakovec, HR (2013)
Imagine That, Electric Works Gallery, San Francisco, CA, US (2011)
Material Motion, Art Micro Patronage, San Francisco, CA, US (2011)
Diet for a Small Office, Spare Change Art Space San Francisco, CA, US (2009)
Taste 2009, Root Division Gallery, San Francisco, CA, US (2009)
Taste 2008, Root Division Gallery, San Francisco (2008)
Salon Series Co-coordinator with Mel Prest,  Headlands Center for the Arts, Salon Series Coordinator, Sausalito, CA, US (2004-2005)
Brick Oven Bread Bakers Conference, Co-Organizer with Alan Scott, Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA, US (2000-2004)